Tired brand? Growing pains? Slow sales? Increased competition?

Whatever the problem, marketing consultant Stacey Paynter can help you solve it. Stacey has more than 25 years of experience linking brands to the bottom line. As a former CEO and COO of the world’s largest marketing and communications firm, she has tackled communications challenges of all kinds, managed budgets of all sizes, and worked closely with C-Suite and other executive managers. She puts this experience to work every day, helping small and medium-sized organizations with insightful advice typically available only to large corporations. Working with Stacey provides smaller clients with the expertise of a world-class marketing organization, without having to deal with the bureaucracy, the overhead or “the B team.” Stacey’s background gives her the tools to advise clients on most any subject, and her vast network of contacts enables her to bring in other experts as needed. She combines an insider’s knowledge with a fresh perspective on your business to arrive at practical, actionable insights. So give Stacey a call, and see what a “strategic connection” she can be for you.