Marketing Needs

“Following the departure of our Director of Marketing, we brought Stacey in to provide the strategic and creative direction. Our program was a robust one involving all new messaging and artwork for advertising, email campaigns, outdoor media and online. Stacey and her team of experts were there every step of the way to ensure the successful outcome of each initiative.”

Brad Gates, Vice President, BCCI Construction Company

Marketing needs assessment: identifying best target audiences and determines how to most effectively reach them

Good marketing plans are as unique as fingerprints. Even two companies in the same industry will have different needs and opportunities, and as competitors, they should! Stacey can help you ferret out the best marketing strategies for your company. She identifies the best target audiences and determines how to most effectively reach them. She focuses on influencing all aspects of the consideration and decision-making process in order to build long-term customer loyalty. This encompasses assessment of all touchpoints and influencers on the brand and on sales. Stacey helps you develop a plan, which can be adapted to fit your budget and expectations. Your plan will incorporate the communications channels to best accomplish your goals. To monitor your plan’s success, tracking will be put in place before the program launches.

Then, as needed, Stacey will assemble a customized team of specialists to execute the marketing and communications plan. If you lack the resources to oversee that team, Stacey can take the lead for you.