Case Studies

“Today we use Stacey more then ever and we are still benefiting from her insights and knowledge. I am not sure how deep her well of knowledge goes, but I suspect that we are not even close to the bottom.”

Dan Cosgrove, CEO, Mercantile Systems, Inc.

Case study of Mercantile Systems Inc.

Mercantile Systems, Inc. had decades of solid performance as a mystery shopping company for restaurants and retail companies. However, revenues remained steady year-over-year and growth was flat. Dan Cosgrove, CEO, and Valerie Casares, COO, wanted to explore options to improve the growth of the company.

Stacey Paynter conducted a business audit that not only uncovered a new positioning for the organization, but also identified areas where growth could be realized. The organization’s services were redefined, prospective industries were broadened to include those with a dependence on customer service, and pricing — contracts as well as the internal organization — were revamped. In addition, marketing infrastructure was developed through the launch of a website, online plan and public relations plan.

The results have been significant. Within three years, the client roster had expanded to include national and international business-to-business, retail, financial services, entertainment, automotive and real estate organizations. Mercantile Systems has seen a 300% increase in revenues and a significant increase in bottom line performance. Stacey continues to be an advisor to Mercantile Systems’ leadership for business and marketing initiatives.